Products I loved from Expotrof

…by Eva Parakentaki

Four days in EXTOTROF, I chewed Greece bite-bite! Beauty contest of products I called it. On my free time, I climbed from the stage of «Cooking Greece» and meet the real stars of the exhibition. Greek producers and their products. All products without any exaggeration were great! Some of them, although, impressed me much more.

With respect to tradition, with the knowledge of the art of cheese production, with the insistence on the excellent quality of the final product, with insistence on keeping the correct treatment, with patience in the maturing times, with a desire for constant improvement and development, but above all with love for man and interest in his diet, we create the cheese we want to have at our table, offer our relatives, feed our children and enjoy its benefits.

At the feet of Psiloritis lies the green valley with the dozens of villages and endless olive groves.

With the rare natural wealth and 1642 indigenous and native species of flora.

Goats and sheep grazing wild herbs and herbs, drink spring water and reside under apple and cherry trees.

To give the next morning their milk, the one that you give to your child, coagulate it for your cheese, take the foam and spread it on your bread.

Taste them all! Goat’s and Sheep’s cheese! Do not forget to taste fresh cheese Amarino and tirozouli!