Our Dowry


Place blessed, fertile. A root that is lost in the depths of the centuries and a culture that still inspires …

The story begins with Zeus, which, according to mythology, was nourished by Amaltheia with all the goods, including goat’s milk and its derivatives. A short while later we meet Minoos and the culture of abundance and prosperity. In the middle of the last century, the archaeological excavation will bring to light jars for storage of raw materials and utensils suitable for dairies, which leads to the conclusion that in Knossos special emphasis was placed on collecting goods and processing them into prestigious products.

Arabs, Ottomans, and Venetians, as well as so many others – conquerors and visitors – tasted the treasures of the Cretan Earth, appreciated the excellent raw material, were taught by the locals the arts of processing, transferred knowledge and inspiration to their places, created, evolved …

Nowadays, tradition meets innovation and Cretan hospitality makes this place an important factor in the growth of the Greek economy in key areas such as tourism, the primary sector and, of course, manufacturing.


… of wild beauty and contrasts.

Canyons and beaches, mountain peaks and lawns, sparkling water from the springs and animals that graze freely and grow with grass and herbs on the slopes of the mountains, at the edges of the rocks.

The county with 1,000 shepherds and 70 dairies.

People of labor and pride, with knowledge from experience and observation, bequeathed to younger generations love and wisdom for the “art” of cheese-making, for nature, animals, and man!


… the heart of Crete

At the roots of Psiloritis lies the green valley with the dozens of villages and endless olive groves. With the rare natural wealth and 1642 indigenous and native species of flora.

Goats and sheep grazing wild herbs and grass, they drink the spring water and unwind under the apple trees and cherries.

To give the next morning their milk, what you want to give to your child, coagulate it for your cheese, take the foam and spread it on your bread.