How can I convince my child to eat Greek cheese?

Parents when they want to import the cheese into the child’s diet, usually looking for a soft-tasting cheese buy this special class of “children’s” cheese.
And the moment comes when you give him the goat’s rustic cheesecake, the fetus or the gravy and you get back a disgruntled smiley.
Do not worry, however, you put it on the “wrong” road, you will also put it in the “right” way.

At some point, the flavor matures and he wants to try something else. Meanwhile, you can apply some barks that will make it redefine what he likes!
Do not announce the cheese change and do not name the new cheese with its name.Put a piece that looks like the one that ate until that moment on the plate and notice reactions. If he does not like, do not reveal your little secret and do not ask if he likes it.
Add gruyere or any other cheese you want at the food they like a lot. Pizza, cheese pie, crepe in sandwich melted and where you know you were making cheese and he liked it!

Eat all together at the family table and discuss all other issues together. When the child eats alone he focuses on the dish!
What is achieved with the above tips is to help your child change his habitual habits so far.
Small mild changes in the child’s taste buds. And at some point you can say things by their name!
But you do not have to hurry, nutrition education is a parent’s obligation, such as behavior and education. Diet is culture. Good luck!

Written by Eva Parakentaki