Crispy leaf, creamy stuffing, a real dream!


6 leaves
600gr. grated gravierino
1 lt fresh milk
150gr. flour for all uses
5  eggs
10gr. butter
Salt 1 tsp.
Nutmeg ½ tsp.
¾ cup of olive oil



For the easy grape pie with ready-to-use peasant leaf, preheat the oven to 200 ° C in air.

Beat the eggs and leave them aside

We graze the graver and leave it aside.

In a pot (except fire), pour the milk and flour. With an eggplant we stir our flour to dissolve. Then place it in the kitchen eye and light it at moderate temperature. Stir until a thick cream is created and thicken.

Remove the pot from the fire and pour in the eggs while stirring continuously with the eggplant so that they are not cooked. Pour the grapefruit, salt and nutmeg. Stir until the grapefruit melts.

Then lay three leaves down, and sprinkle with olive oil one by one. Place the filling and put the leaves over and sprinkle them with olive oil. Close in a file and bake at 200 for about 40 minutes.

Eva Parakentaki

Food lover and food blogger .. mama mia … the hunter of joy and prosperity … that has come into contact with the Cretan nature … the harvest … and the passionate continuity of the Cretan gastronomic culture!