Gravierino Amari with Cretan herbs


At high altitude, dry and dry places and mountains of Crete, in our forests and gorges, you will find fragrant plants and herbs, which have always been the true scent of Crete.

That scent of naked, dry rock that houses a sludge in a slit. There, grows, lives, grows, grows and grows the magical herb of health and longevity. And it’s not one. Are many! Sage, oregano, thyme, chanterelle, peppermint, chamomile and much more, eat the sheep and goats that produce the cheese that make cheese, here at the Amary cheese dairy.
Try Gravierino Amari with Cretan herbs, semi-hard, 2 months mature yellow cheese, contains all the benefits of sheep and goat milk.

Savor the aromas of Crete. Enjoy the amari cheese!

written by Eva Parakentaki!