Five reasons I prefer goat cheese and goat’s milk.


If you have any doubts and wonder if the cheese that you and your children consume every day is the right one, then you should try goat cheese. Their benefits are many and the most important are:

Prefer it from the cow because it helps in osteoporosis and osteopenia and the reason is simple, our body absorbs better the metallic elements of goat’s milk. (magnesium, potassium and phosphorus).
It has a lower lactose content, so it is obligatorily more digestible than cow’s milk and you suggest it in many cases of lactose intolerance.
It has a higher content of vitamin A than cow’s vitamin which makes good eyesight and calcium that favors our bones.
Very rich in vitamins B1, B3 and K that benefit our digestive system and the health of our heart.
It does not cause allergies due to the synthesis of its proteins and helps in the treatment of gastric ulcer.
Many pediatricians and experts report that goat milk is valuable for the development of children after the mother.
All you have to do is prefer goat milk and goat cheese.

Written by Eva Parakentaki!