1 package kataifi pastry phyllo
100 gr. butter Corfu type
500 gr. goat’s Graviera grated
250 gr. goat’s white cheese in brine grated
200 gr. Amarino
500 ml milk
4 eggs



Put the white cheese in a bowl and grate it with a fork. Add the graviera and mix well. Butter a pan and brush the kataifi phyllo. Divide it in two parts, lay it on the pyrex base and drop butter. Add the cheese filling and layer the remaining kataifi dough on top, closing carefully the pie. In a bowl, beat the eggs, the Amarino and the melted butter. Then, add the mixture in the phyllo. Dollop spoonfuls of mixture evenly ever top. Leave the cheese pie outside the fridge, no less than half an hour, in order to absorb the moisture. Bake at 180 covered for half an hour and then bake at 190 uncovered for another 20 minutes.

Eva Parakentaki

Food lover and food blogger .. mama mia … the hunter of joy and prosperity … that has come into contact with the Cretan nature … the harvest … and the passionate continuity of the Cretan gastronomic culture!