2 kg calf
2 cloves of garlic
1 branch of fresh thyme
6  tbsp. olive oil
1  concace tomatoe
1 cup of meat broth
1 tbsp. tomatoes paste
1/2 cup of red wine
1 carrot grated
laurel leaf
3-4 grains of spice
Salt & pepper
1/2 kg rice Basmati
1/2 kg peas-corn


Allow the meat to cool to room temperature for one hour. Chop the garlic and with a pointed knife we ​​cut holes in the calf and put the garlic into. We keep the piece whole. We don’t cut portions.

Heat the olive oil in. We brown well on all sides for 10΄. Add the tomato paste and fry. Rinse with red wine and deglaze the pot by rubbing the bottom with a wooden spoon to peel off the residue. Add all the ingredients. Once boiled, cover and lower the heat.

Simmer for about 2 hours without salting until the meat is tender. Cut the meat into pieces and return to the sauce. Boil for another 10 minutes.

In another saucepan add 1 liter of boiling water and salt. Add 1 pack of Basmati rice. Reduce the heat and wait for the water to boil and the rice is ready. If necessary add water. Put 4 tbsp. Amarino and mix. In another saucepan, boil salted water and sprinkle with green peas and corn.

Serve the rice with a bowl to take shape.

Eva Parakentaki

Food lover and food blogger .. mama mia … the hunter of joy and prosperity … that has come into contact with the Cretan nature … the harvest … and the passionate continuity of the Cretan gastronomic culture!