Get To Know

Who We Are

Our Philosophy

With respect to tradition, with the knowledge of the art of cheese production, with the insistence on the excellent quality of the final product, with insistence on keeping the correct treatment, with patience in the maturing times, with a desire for constant improvement and development, but above all with love for man and interest in his diet, we create the cheese we want to have at our table, offer our relatives, feed our children and enjoy its benefits.

Our Goals

Our cheese is on every table.

To initiate our consumers to our unique taste.

To learn our children to know what good cheese is and look it.

To produce and sell an honest product at the right price.

To honor our place and contribute to the development of our country.

Our Strength Is Our People

A chain that starts with the breeder to come back to his table.

Each “link” has a special value:

  • Breeders, exclusively local dairy farmers, are systematically trained to comply with the hygiene and safety rules of the milk zone.
  • Cheesemakers,  using their deep knowledge and years of experience, are the custodians of recipes and are responsible for their impeccable performance.
  • The scientific team consists of graduate chemists and food technologists with exclusive responsibility to ensure quality from raw material to final product.
  • The executives, a flexible and organized team of professionals, have the mission to listen to the needs of the consumer, to recognize the trends of the global market and to pioneer, constantly creating new products and services that satisfy every expectation.
  • The distributors, the company’s face in the market as the distribution network of Manoukarakis SA has been a guarantee for the largest consumer product companies for 40 years.
  • Our customers, businesses, and professionals who prioritize the distribution of fine products to the consumer. Elegant delicatessen, large supermarket chains, hotels and restaurants all over Greece and abroad are partaker of the taste and quality of our cheeses.
  • The final consumer, the most strict judge!

All those who honor us with their preference, recognizing our perpetual effort, developing a stable relationship of trust.